Asia Miles

McCann Worldwide Collaboration for Cathay Pacific

From more that 12,000 miles away, we collaborated with firm Mccann Worldgroup to create a campaign for Asia Miles, Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle rewards programme, with more than 10 million members.

We were asked to create whimsical imagery to be used in their website by their clients.

Do you want to hear a story?

When working on whimsical images, we created one of a bear flying on a plate. Our client told us that a bear on a plate would be completely inappropriate since there was, at the time, a big debate about people eating bears in Hong Kong! So we had to cut that one illustration out.

That’s why it is so important to us to keep a strong and direct communication line with our clients. In the end we even got a small lesson about a different culture.

Asia Miles Asia Miles Asia Miles Asia Miles Asia Miles Asia Miles Asia Miles


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